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designed to celebrate you. unapologetically.


Baltimore’s Preferred Henna Artist

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As Charm City's top rated henna professional, Cardamom & Clove Henna provides quality, five-star services to ambitious, empowered, and self-care conscious women across the Washington, D.C., Maryland, Virginia, and lower Pennsylvania areas.


Our Services

henna for every milestone, memory, and occasion


Unwind with personalized henna designs. Reserved by appointment only, these sessions will elevate your mood and leave you with gorgeous, one-of-a-kind wearable art.


Treat yourself and your guests to eye-catching, freehand henna designs. These walking favors will have people talking about your event long after the cake is cut and you’ve said your goodbyes.


Immerse yourself fully in the milestones of your life. From bridal designs to henna crowns, from baby bumps to boudoir, we are thrilled to make your most special moments unforgettable.


Learn from the most celebrated henna professional in Baltimore. Our online classes, mentorship, and shoppable resources were designed to propel you forward in your artistic journey.



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Meet Your Henna Artist

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Empowering women with the celebration of their authentic selves through the art of henna.

“I began working with henna in 2011 as an act of self care, decorating my own hands and feet with winding floral patterns, paisleys, and grids. This small ritual was one that I could afford and sustain as a single mother of a toddler with limited time and limited funds. What was once a treat for myself grew, unexpectedly, into a vibrant business.

Nearly a decade later, I serve women from all walks of life with henna services for the most memorable occasions of their lives - including the everyday victory of being themselves, unapologetically.”

- Chelsea Stevenson


Be Our Guest

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Our private, serene henna boutique is conveniently located inside of the Severn River Business Center in Pasadena, MD.

Situated at the cross of Mountain Rd. and Jumpers Hole Rd, the boutique is approximately 20 minutes from the Baltimore Inner Harbor.

Complimentary parking is available for all of our guests.


Exceptional Quality. No Compromises.

premium, artisanal henna paste for the darkest stain. naturally.

You deserve the best, and we’re here to deliver. Our handcrafted henna paste is prepared in small batches and boasts fresh, natural ingredients such as organic cane sugar, luxurious rosewater, and sweet cardamom essential oil.

Our unparalleled dedication to your safety and satisfaction means you can expect a blissful aromatic henna experience yielding crisp, rich, breath-taking stains.

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What Our Clients Say…

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