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Learn Henna Online Baltimore Henna Artist

Hey babe! I'm Chelsea. I’m a professional henna artist and business strategist. I teach both budding and seasoned henna artists how to take henna from hobby to side hustle to full fledged business.

Through building my own henna business from the ground up, I’ve made plenty of mistakes and learned a lot along the way. My business has not only weathered the storm - it’s blossomed into an incredible asset for myself and my family.

After teaching local classes, hosting henna meet ups over coffee, coaching fellow henna artists from my living room, and co-founding an international henna conference, I became recognized as a professional powerhouse with a wealth of knowledge for the henna community.

My passion and my purpose collided, and it was there that I realized what my journey had equipped me to do: I was being called to make henna education accessible to artists globally.

Today I instruct, support, and mentor henna artists around the world through Hennapreneur - an online community and classroom where I help artists like you to increase their confidence, to solidify the foundations of their brand, and to harness their skill set for meaningful income.


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Mixology + Basic Design 

The Everything-You-Need-to-Know Course for Beginner Henna Artists


What’s in the course?

  • Masterclass video training on how to prepare smooth, buttery henna paste that leaves rich, beautiful stains every time

  • Full breakdown of the chemistry of henna including multiple in-depth units on the THREE essential ingredients to a killer paste and which ones are favorites in my business

  • Eight info-packed modules including everything you need to know when starting your henna business so you can hit the ground running and get to making money faster

  • Mixology & Basic Design class workbook to help you follow along and get the most out of your learning experience

You’ll leave this course with:

  • Understanding of the history of henna

  • Your own signature henna paste recipe

  • Expert level understanding of henna safety

  • The secrets to achieving dark stains

  • Fundamental knowledge of creating basic designs
    ...and more!

Online Henna Class Learn Henna Online
Learn Henna Online Baltimore Henna Artist Hennapreneur

Looking for additional online learning?

Hennapreneur provides an arsenal of education content for henna artists ranging from classes designed to increase technical proficiency to courses centered around branding, marketing, and building sustainable business practices.


Baltimore Henna Classes

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 Private Lessons

Private lessons are available for students without regard to their level of expertise with henna. Lessons are individualized just for you, offering personalized instruction and fully customizable content.

Classes are offered at an hourly rate so that you can receive as much or as little instruction as you prefer. Private lessons are excellent for you if you wish to expand upon your existing skill set with the close company of a seasoned henna artist.

Please Note: All students are required complete Mixology & Basic Design as a prerequisite to private lessons.

Baltimore Henna Classes

Group Classes

Baltimore Henna Classes

We provide occasional group sessions for students who would like to learn about specific aspects of henna in a classroom environment.

Group classes are focused on beginner and intermediate skill sets, with advanced sessions being offered by invitation only.

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