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Learn Henna Online Baltimore Henna Artist

Hey babe! I'm Chelsea. I’m a professional henna artist and business strategist. I teach both budding and seasoned henna artists how to take henna from hobby to side hustle to full fledged business.

Through building my own henna business from the ground up, I’ve made plenty of mistakes and learned a lot along the way. My business has not only weathered the storm - it’s blossomed into an incredible asset for myself and my family.

After teaching local classes, hosting henna meet ups over coffee, coaching fellow henna artists from my living room, and co-founding an international henna conference, I became recognized as a professional powerhouse with a wealth of knowledge for the henna community.

My passion and my purpose collided, and it was there that I realized what my journey had equipped me to do: I was being called to make henna education accessible to artists globally.

Today I instruct, support, and mentor henna artists around the world through Hennapreneur - an online community and classroom where I help artists like you to increase their confidence, to solidify the foundations of their brand, and to harness their skill set for meaningful income.


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