My Experience as a Book in the Human Library

Henna Artist Baltimore Maryland Human Library Anne Arundel County

I had a beautiful time participating in the Anne Arundel County Human Library this weekend! It as an impactful experience for many, but I left feeling so inspired by the vulnerability of my “readers” throughout the day as they asked questions that were, at times, hard to express.

My story represented my unique experience as a Black, Muslim woman and business owner in the community.

I was asked questions ranging from what life is like as a Muslim American wearing the hijab to why I choose to identify as Black despite being mixed race, from why I chose to open a business to how I balance the intersectionality of my life experience.

The premise of the Human Library is simple: while sitting with your “book,” you’re free to ask whatever questions you have and engage in as personal or unpolitically correct conversation as possible - all without fear of judgment. As a book, I was provided with the opportunity to pull back the curtain on what life looks and feels like for me, giving insight to those without similar lifestyles.

All in all, I enjoyed the experience, and would certainly participate again!

I’d love to encourage you to take a moment to reach out to your own local library to ask about the opportunity for an ongoing Human Library program in our communities. It’s so worth it. 

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